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Đầu ghi hình SRD-1656D

Mã sản phẩm : 1493976390

Số lượng:

    Thông số kỹ thuật chính của SRD-1656DP:

    • 16CH CIF real-time DVR - Up to 480(N) / 400(P)fps recording rate
    • Easy user interface, common across all Samsung DVRs - GUI / Search / Back up / Set-up
    • Set independently for each channel - REC / Quality / Resolution
    • Privacy mask support for each channel (4ea)
    • Convenient with strong network monitoring - CMS (SSM, SmartViewer, Net-I), Web viewer, Smart phones (iPOLiS mobile)
    • Accurate still image (De-Interlace support each channel)
    • VGA / HDMI for Full-HD (1080p) resolution video out
    • Max. 4 internal HDDs
    • Digital video spot (2ea), USB (2ports) back up
    • Up to 16CH audio inputs / 1CH audio output
    • Enhanced Network Bandwidth up to 32Mbps
    • Accurate still image (De-Interlace support each channel

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