If you’re looking for THE ULTIMATE TH12 HYBRID/TROPHY Base 2022!! COC Town Hall 12 (TH12) Trophy Base thiết kế – Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best base for coc Town Hall 12 available on YouTube. This Town Hall 12 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. Khổng lồ know more about this TH12 best coc base, continue reading this post.

BASE description

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Hey guys, Dark BarBarian here, & today we’re making a new Town Hall 12 hybrid base that I’m sure you’d love. This base is indeed awesome for so many reasons that I’ll mention later in this postLet’s vì the Base Analysis


The first thing you’ll notice is that the town hall in the center is well protected because it carries loot và is worth one star, and placing town hall in the center is one of the important guidelines khổng lồ consider while making a hybrid baseSince the clan castle is in the center of the base, it is exceptionally hard for the opponent to lure troops away from it. Clan castle’s range ends within the base’s walls, requiring the opponent khổng lồ break through at least one wall compartment khổng lồ lure the clan castle troops, which is a challenging task for the opponent because they have lớn put in extra troops and time khổng lồ lure those clan castle troops


Our Dark Elixir storage is well protected in the vi xử lý core compartment, which is quite difficult lớn get access to, hence our dark elixir will indeed be safe in this baseAnother wonderful feature of this base is the number of compartments. This base has a lot of compartments, which helps lớn slow down the opponent’s attack by keeping troops on these walls while the defenses are dealing quite a huge damage on themWhen it comes lớn the defenses, they are positioned in such a way that they completely cover the base & make it safe from all sides


Archer towers are strategically located in each corner of the base to lớn ensure that no side is exposed khổng lồ air attacksAs we progress up the town hall levels, mortars thua thảm their importance, thus there’s no point in having them well secured at the center if they don’t provide any protection in return, We’ve positioned them further towards the outer part of the base lớn assist in the defense against spam attacks lượt thích BARCH & Mass Goblins, They’re also evenly distributed and cover the entire base

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The wizard towers are spread out so that they don’t get destroyed all at once while also providing a balance to lớn the base. They are phối in such a way that they protect both the main defenses in the core and the defenses towards the outer side of the baseCannons are carefully placed khổng lồ provide overall balance to lớn the base và to make this base perform well against ground attacks

Air defenses are separated into different compartments to prevent them from being destroyed by lightning spells in a group. They are placed in compartments near the bộ vi xử lý core of the base, & they have been well paired with air sweepers, which also makes a significant contribution lớn an increase in protection against air attacks such as lava loons và mass dragons

Inferno towers are the most important defense we have at town hall 12, so it is our đứng đầu priority to keep them safe while making full use of their potential to increase the effectiveness of the base. As a result, I’ve decided to lớn place them near the vi xử lý core of the base, in which they are well protected và their range covers a lot of main defenses & important stuff lượt thích the town hall, clan castle, air defenses, x bows, and dark elixir storageYou can adjust the mode of the inferno tower based on the armies attacking you; multiple modes are recommended for low hitpoint & high troop count armies lượt thích miners, bolwers, and witches, but a single mode is recommended for stronger armies with high hitpoint và low troop counts like golems, electro dragons, and pekkas. For this particular base design, i’ve phối 2 of them on single mode & one on multiple mode, as i was getting attacked by both types of armies, but for the sake of electro dragons i put 2 infernos on single mode as they perform better against electro dragons as compared to lớn multi-mode

The Xbows are spread out in such a way that they cover almost the entire base; they are set on both ground & air, as I was being attacked by both ground and air troops, setting it on ground only for increased range wasn’t really worth it in this case

Coming to lớn heroes placements, I’ve placed the king và the queen near the core, so they can’t easily be lured out of the base & killed, opponent will have to giảm giá khuyến mãi with them while they’re in the middle of the battle which will make it significantly harder for opponent to plan their attack as they will have to giảm giá khuyến mãi with the heroes on spot, the king và the queen can really amp up the defensive performance of the base, the king is really helpful in taking care of hogs in the middle of battle while a queen combined with other defenses such as air defense và inferno tower can take out strongest of troops in a matter of seconds. Grand warden can’t be lured out as it acts like a defense, so it is placed here khổng lồ help out the other defenses

Now coming to lớn storages, they are uniformly placed in different compartments, this is done khổng lồ avoid the mistake that most rookie base designers make that they put all the storages in the center & defenses in the outer compartments. As a result, once the attacker has breached the compartment of defenses, they have access khổng lồ all of the lootThis is not the case in this base because the storages are separated into multiple compartments; the attacker must take the entire base khổng lồ collect all the lootAlso putting the same type of storage on the same side of the base isn’t the best way to lớn protect your loot; for example, if we put both gold storages on this side of the base, the attacker can take almost all of your gold just by eliminating this portion of the base. As a result, in order to avoid what I just mentioned. We place them alternatively, just like this base

Now, when it comes to traps placement, I’ve observed many attacks on this base và realized some spots where most opponents are likely to drop their troops, as well as pathings where troops are most likely to walk through, and I’ve placed these traps in those placesSpring traps và giant bombs are strategically placed in different compartments depending on the pathing of defense attacking troops like hogs and giants, making this base more resistant to ground attacks. The seeking air mines are placed near the air defenses lớn assist the air defenses in taking out the electro dragons. All five teslas are placed near the core of the base, which makes the chip core of the base stronger

Now coming to lớn the outer buildings, if you are quite active & play regularly, you can spread them out more to lớn make the funnel trickier as you won’t have to lớn worry about people stealing your loot from outer collectors, as you’ll be collecting loot from them regularly, but if you are not that active, you can vì it the way I made it, as you won’t have to lớn worry about people stealing your loot as they’ll be in the range of defenses. Just make sure you don’t put the same type of collectors altogether, otherwise, the opponent will take all your loot in the collectors very easily

Even though the base itself is strong enough, having troops in your clan castle can help a lot, as clan castle troops will help you in wasting opponents troops và time, specially in this base because clan castle in the chip core is one of the main features of the base, if you don’t have defending clan castle troops, then placing the clan castle in the vi xử lý core is worthless, might as well put dark elixir storage there, but honestly I my recommendation would be to keep cc their with cc troops inside for best defensive experience that’s it for this post.


Using clan castle troops for defending your base is highly recommended as they can put the attacker in trouble by distracting them. Even though the base alone is sufficient khổng lồ stop most of the attacks used by Town Hall 12 attackers, using the clan castle can help a lot. At Town Hall 12 you can get Maximum of 40 housing space in your clan castle, here are some of my recommendations for CC troops combinations for defense at Town Hall 12 :-

1 Baby Drag + 1 Ice Golem + 1 Witch + 3 Goblin(Recommended)1 Lava Hound + 2 Balloon2 Ice Golem + 1 Baby Dragon3 Witch + 4 Archers40 Archers1 Witch + 4 Headhunters + 4 Goblins

Since most people can’t get these troops from their clans, you can also use other troop combinations which are easily available like all wizards, all balloons or any other troop combination but i highly recommend you to have above mentioned troops for best defensive experience at Town Hall 12.


ALOT of compartments to lớn slow down troopsHard to lured Clan Castle in the chip core of the baseAir Defenses placed in well protected compartmentsOptimal traps placement according khổng lồ troops pathingWizard Towers in different compartments away from one another.Great Against Both Ground & Air Attack strategiesInferno towers placed near chip core of the baseX-bows covers the whole baseArcher Towers in each corner of the base.


If you want lớn copy this base just click on the Copy Base Button, it will redirect you, from where you can easily copy this base design.