There will be 21 new typefaces in Windows 7, a total of 43 fonts khổng lồ the set supplied by Windows.

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Many of the fonts are for non-English languages like Hindi, Japanese và Arabic.

For Latin and similar alphabets the Windows 7 additions are:Gabriola




The Segoe UI typeface will be familiar to Office 2007 users – Segoe UI in normal, bold, italic and bold italic is supplied with all versions of Microsoft Office 2007.

The new ‘Light’ and ‘Semibold’ fonts have a large range of characters, though not the much fuller set available in Segoe UI (which has many symbols, marks and Arabic characters from the Unicode character set).Segoe UI Symbol

Segoe UI Symbol has some interesting sets of characters like:RunesChess, Playing card and dice symbols.Maths operatorsArrowsBox Drawing charactersControl picturesBraille patterns

Microsoft has the full menu of 43 fonts added khổng lồ Windows 7.

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