Yuuto Suoh is a boy from modern times who accidentally ended up in the warring world of Yggdrasil. In a world where various clans fight for supremacy & survival of the fittest rules supreme, Yuuto managed to use his modern knowledge as a weapon and the age of sixteen, managed khổng lồ become a Patriarch with a force of thousands. Welcome to an exhilarating battle fantasy chronicle about a young man who became a king in a parallel world & the beautiful battle maidens who swear absolute fealty khổng lồ him!!






After dying as a result of God"s mistake, the main character finds himself in a parallel world, where he begins his second life. His only possessions are the body toàn thân that God gave back khổng lồ him và a smartphone that works even in this new world. As he meets all kinds of new people & forges new friendships, he ends up learning the secret khổng lồ this world. He inherits the legacy of an ancient civilization and works together with the kings of some very laid-back countries on his carefree travels through this new world.

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TagsAdventureComedyFantasyHaremShounenCheatsIsekaiOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldRecord of Grancrest WarTV (24 eps)A-1 Pictures2018

Atlatan, a land ruled by chaos. Fearing disaster brought about by chaos, the people lived protected by “Lords;” those with the power nguồn of “Crests,” used to suppress the chaos. However, the Lords decided khổng lồ abandon the concept of protecting the people và turn against each other, stealing each other’s Crests to lớn gain dominion over one another. Among these people are Siluca, a lone mage who despises the Lords, & Theo, a vagrant knight training to lớn someday liberate his homeland. Enticed by Theo’s ideals, Siluca’s coercive tactics have the two forming a contract and together, reform a war-torn land.

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyDemonsMagicPoliticalSwordplayWarSexual ContentViolenceThe Rising of the Shield HeroTV (25 eps)Kinema Citrus2019

Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned lớn a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons & tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one khổng lồ turn to, và nowhere khổng lồ run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise khổng lồ become the legendary Shield nhân vật and save the world!

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasySeinenAnimal CharacteristicsBetrayalDark FantasyDemonsFramed for a CrimeIsekaiMonstersPerson in a Strange WorldRPGSummoned Into Another WorldViolenceDeath March khổng lồ the Parallel World RhapsodyTV (12 eps)SILVER LINK.2018

"Satou," aka Ichiro Suzuki is a programmer in the middle of a death march. He was supposed to be taking a nap but somehow wakes up in another world... What lies before him is what looks lượt thích the menu screen of the game he was working before his nap. He’s at a complete beginner stage at level 1. However, he had three “Meteor Showers” which could level a whole map. Suddenly, a whole group of lizardmen appears in front of him. In order khổng lồ survive, Satou uses Meteor Shower, his level jumped lớn 310 and he became extremely wealthy. Whether it be dream or reality, Satou’s journey was now beginning.

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TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyHaremShounenCheatsIsekaiMagicOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldRPGDog DaysTV (13 eps)Seven Arcs2011

In the magical land of Flonyard, animal-eared inhabitants battle each other for resources in harmless war games. One region, Biscotti, has fought valiantly but is on the verge of financial ruin when its princess, Millhiore, makes a decision: she’ll summon a champion who can fight for their honor! Through a magical portal comes Shinku, a once-typical middle school student who’s eager to join the cause. But soon, both Millhiore and Shinku make a terrible discovery: those who are summoned can’t return home! Now, as Shinku continues khổng lồ train & fight for Biscotti, he và the others must also try lớn find a way for the boy khổng lồ someday get back to his loving friends & family.

TagsActionAdventureEcchiFantasyAnimal CharacteristicsAnimal TransformationIsekaiMagicNon-Human ProtagonistsPerson in a Strange WorldRoyaltySummoned Into Another WorldWarHow a Realist anh hùng Rebuilt the KingdomTV (13 eps)J.C.Staff2021

Suddenly summoned to a fantasy world and betrothed khổng lồ the princess, Kazuya Souma is crowned the new king after providing the royal family with impressive advice. Lớn rule the kingdom, he"s taking the nontraditional (and very human) route of administrative reform. In a realm of dragons và elves, will this revolutionary"s quality path prove effective?

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyRomanceIsekaiKingdom BuildingMagicManagementModern KnowledgePast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldPoliticalRoyaltySummoned Into Another WorldWarAscendance of a Bookworm OVAOVA (2 eps)Ajia-do2020
TagsFantasyAge TransformationCheatsIsekaiMagicMedievalModern KnowledgePast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldShort EpisodesSee all recommendations
Makikomare Shoukan!? Soshite Watashi wa "Kami" Deshita??Vol: 2+; Ch: 19+AlphaPolis2020 - ?

I was summoned to lớn an unknown world lớn defeat the Demon King, but my màn chơi seems lớn be very low when compared to lớn the others that were summoned with me...Wait a minute, my occupation is "God?"

TagsFantasyCheatsIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldSummoned Into Another WorldWorld Customize CreatorVol: 8; Ch: 81AlphaPolis2013 - 2021

After hearing a mysterious voice, Yusuke Tagami is summoned lớn another world, "Calzio". The fate entrusted to lớn the otherwise ordinary guy who just wants lớn play games is to become the "Evil God of Calamity" in this new world. He can nâng cấp weapons, change the landscape & change how he tastes things... With his new nguồn of "Customize & Create", there"s nothing he can"t do. Will he bring change to lớn this imperfect world!? The very popular manga whose hero uses his "cheat" skills for the good!!

TagsActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyRomanceShounenCheatsIsekaiModern KnowledgeOverpowered Main CharactersPast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldRPGViolenceKamisama ni Kago Futaribun MoraimashitaVol: 2+; Ch: 19+AlphaPolis2019 - ?

As he was being transferred to a different world with his classmates, Fubuki Amasaka was pushed out of the teleportation circle by his class bully, Yushin. When he woke up, he was alone và deep in a forest.However God, who had saw the entire thing and already warned them lớn stay in the circle, took Yushi"s cheat skill away & gave it lớn Fubuki as punishment. Can Fubuki, who got two divine blessings, live in a different world safely?

TagsActionFantasyShounenCheatsIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldSummoned Into Another WorldShindou Sephilia no Gekokujou ProgramVol: 4+; Ch: 28+Web Comic Gamma Plus2018 - ?

As someone who died because of overwork in some super đen company, before I knew it, I already reincarnated as a baby named 『Sefiria』 in a world of sword và magic...But, having been born in a poor village with no ability, God... What are you trying lớn do?As someone who’s forsaken by heaven, I’ve found some hope --- that is the shocking truth about 「Magic Formula」 & 「Programming language」 resembling each other. This is it, my story about crawling up from the depth of the abyss of Absolutely don’t want khổng lồ work.

TagsActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiModern KnowledgePast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldReincarnationShounin Yuusha wa Isekai wo Gyuujiru! Saibai Skill de Nandemo Fuyashi ChaimasuVol: 5+; Ch: 24+Beat"s2019 - ?

A anh hùng with a production skill?? Akina Shoji, a salary slave, had a dream to open his own business. However, when he almost made his dream come true, he was summoned into another world with a “Cultivation” skill…

TagsAdventureFantasyCheatsIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldSummoned Into Another WorldA Veterinarian in Another WorldVol: 6+; Ch: 52+AlphaPolis2016 - ?

Shingo Kazami is a federal veterinarian who works at a Livestock Hygiene Service Center. One day, Shingo finds himself suddenly summoned khổng lồ another world. The prince of the world he is summoned to lớn asks Shingo to lớn help him save the people of his land. The land is a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. However, because civilization, science & medicine are undeveloped, many people die from disease và natural disasters... What kind of vet lets lives be taken without trying to lớn protect the people & animals? He might not be the strongest fighter, but when he sees the circumstances of the new world, he vows to vị all he can to lớn save as many lives as he can...

TagsFantasyShounenHiatusIsekaiMedicalModern KnowledgePast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldPetsSummoned Into Another WorldVeterinariansFushi no Kami: Rebuilding Civilization Starts with a VillageVol: 3+; Ch: 13+Comic Gardo2021 - ?

When the civilizations of yesteryear fade from memory and become fanciful fantasy, the only evidence of their existence...are books. Ash, a young boy living in a remote farming village, holds a secret—he possesses memories of a distant & more bountiful past life. Days of toiling in the fields have given rise to a burning desire: to bring more enjoyment to the everyday doldrum of his dreary present day! and while books may be the answer, Ash...can’t actually read! But where there is a will, there is a way. Join Ash as he battles illiteracy and sets his sights on a better life!

TagsFantasyRomanceIsekaiMedievalModern KnowledgePast MemoriesPerson in a Strange WorldReincarnationSee all recommendations