Are you a healthy weight?It doesn’t just depend on your body toàn thân weightWe normally use body weight as the sole measure for whether someone is over or underweight, but this is not accurate. Because fat takes up three times the space of muscle,people with too much fat will look more obviously overweight.

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Therefore, body toàn thân fat percentage is the measure for whether someone is over or underweight. A precise, comprehensive body toàn thân fat scale can also help you to understand your body toàn thân better.
The top priority for a scaleis more precise measurementThe G-shaped manganese steel sensor is able lớn sense weight changes as small as 50 g, which makes the body toàn thân Composition Scale 2's measurements more precise. Weighing also supports switching between jin, kilograms và pounds for easy reading.
More comprehensive dataYou should understand your body betterThe high-precision BIA fat measurement cpu can measure 13 toàn thân composition metrics, including body toàn thân weight,, body fat percentage, muscle mass, moisture rate, protein rate, visceral fat rating, and basal metabolism, for a full understanding of your physical condition.
Body fat percentage
Muscle mass
Moisture rate weighing, static measurementOne dual-use scale is more efficientThe body toàn thân Composition Scale 2 can perform intelligent switching between và static weighing modes. The scale’s weight is 100 g. In addition khổng lồ weighing yourself in mode, you can also measure the weight of items such as fruits, vegetables, và parcels in static mode.
Balance testStand on one foot with your eyes closedBalance is a basic physical ability. Improving balance can reduce the risk of falls and joint injuries. Now you only need khổng lồ stand on the body Composition Scale 2 on one foot with your eyes closed to lớn learn about your strength or weakness in this ability.

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Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0Uses 4 batteries, which last up khổng lồ 12 monthsThe toàn thân Composition Scale 2 is equipped with công nghệ bluetooth Low Energy 5.0. When used with the ngươi Fit app, it can quickly body data such as weight and body fat percentage. It can also intelligently identify when different people are measuring themselves.
Simple exterior designThe toàn thân Composition Scale 2 has a simple, neat, yet artistic appearance. The aesthetics of the thiết kế are in the details.
Smooth, rounded curves with a refined finishWarm trắng reinforced glass with a jade-like appearanceConcealed integrated LED display
Note:<1> This hàng hóa is not recommended for people fitted with pacemakers or other medical implants. Body composition thử nghiệm data may deviate for professional athletes, pregnant women, and a small number of other special cases.<2> The body toàn thân Composition Scale 2 needs a weight of 5 kilogam to turn on. The scale mode can be used after turning on the machine.<3> Be sure to xuất hiện your eyes and stand on both feet if you feel that you are losing your balance. This function is not suitable for people with poor balance, including pregnant women, the elderly, or those suffering from vestibular dysfunction.<4> Battery life data was measured by công nghệ Laboratory. Fat measurements were taken three times a day, small items were weighed twice a day, and balance tests (standing on one foot with eyes closed) were performed once every seven days, using the factory default settings at a room temperature of 22°C. During actual use, battery life depends on various factors such as setup, operation, và usage environment, and may differ from laboratory tests.