Konami has announced today that its Data Pack 4.0 for PES 2018 will be available via free download on Steam tomorrow. The new update will bring numerous visual changes to partner club players whose faces & hairstyles will all be updated.

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POSTED ON April 25 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

UEFA ends partnership with Konami

After many years UEFA ends their partnership with Konami. This means that UEFA Champions League và Europa League will be no longer available in Pro Evolution Soccer. This was announced by UEFA this Wednesday. Will this be EA chance lớn take Konami place & have UEFA tournaments licensed in FIFA 19 ? 

POSTED ON April 19 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PESGalaxy mod for PES 2018 compatible with DLC 3.0

Our friends from PES Galaxy ( pesgalaxy.com ) released an update for their PES 2018 mod ( PC ) that makes it compatible with recent DLC from Konami ( 3.0 ) Enjoy Bundesliga Teams, 4 missing Champions League Teams lượt thích Qarabag, Apoel, Maribor, & Celtic ). Complete licensed Premier League, Championship, Serie A, La Liga và Liga NOS. Don´t miss this amazing mod for PES 2018.

POSTED ON February 16 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Great La Liga TV Popups for PES 2018

Master Txak release an incredible PES 2018 TV Popup for La Liga. Enjoy the same experience than in FIFA 18. We also invite you to lớn visit his blog for more PES 2018 mods like Liga Santander Kits, updated Camp Nou & much more. 

POSTED ON February 16 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES 2018 Data Pack 3 now available on Steam

Konami has announced today that its Data Pack 3.0 for PES 2018 is now available to tải về for miễn phí on Steam. The new update khổng lồ the game has seen the addition of 11 new national team kits : Germany, Japan, Belgium, Columbia, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Wales và the Czech Republic.

POSTED ON February 15 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2018


Johan Cruyff Returns to the pitch in PES 2018

Konami announced that global football legend Johan Cruyff will appear in console & mobile games in the PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER series.

Looking for a great balls pack for PES 2018. Well this one made by Hawke it´s what you need. It´s Ball Pack V4 and as extra you can get the Adidas 2018 Champions League Kyiv Official Match Ball. Kiểm tra out videos và get liên kết from our download Center.

This video tutorial will help you to lớn import cpk files lớn PES 2018. Bookmark lớn remember how to import many of the mods for PES 2018 you will find at camera365.com.vn. Thanks lớn Baris for DpFileList Generator. We will import Gökham Töre Tattoo by EIG.

Thanks to lớn Siuming we can enjoy a great option file for PES 2018 that updates many of the đứng top leagues and teams in the game. This is the first version và from those we have tried is probably one of the most complete. It´s easy to install just follow the instructions in the đoạn clip tutorial.

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We have been testing PES 2018 on PC & these are few screenshots so you can check out how the game looks in this platform. The graphics chất lượng has improved greatly comparing to lớn PES 2017. Remember you can test PES 2018 kiểm tra that it´s now available at Steam.

PES 2018 thử nghiệm will be available on August 30th. Unfortunately there won´t be a PC Demo. It will only be available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 & Xbox 360.

Check out the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Gamescom Trailer. Remember that PES 2018 will be released on September 14th.

David Beckham was announced as a new addition to PES 2018. Konami revealed on Friday that they had agreed a long-term giảm giá with the former Real Madrid and Manchester United star that will see him feature exclusively in their new game.

Konami updated PC requirements for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Windows 64 bit, Direct X11, AMD 7750 or GTX 650 are minimum requirements. Check them out.

From Brazil, 20 teams from Serie A, the top league from Campeonato Brasileiro of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) are included.