If one computer in the farthest reaches of your trang chủ has trouble seeing your Wi-Fi network, you don't have khổng lồ drop hundreds on a mesh networking system. A USB Wi-Fi antenna is a much more affordable alternative.

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Testing Wi-Fi Adapters

Of the adapters we"ve tested, our pick is the TP-Link Archer T9UH. For the price, this AC1900 adapter strikes the best balance between cost và signal-boosting. The Netgear Nighthawk adapter is even more powerful, but costs more. The other adapters are cheaper but didn"t improve the connection as significantly in testing.


I tested Wi-Fi 5 performance with a 500Mbps symmetrical Verizon Fios fiber connection using a Verizon Fios G1100, an AC1750 router. When I tested the Wi-Fi 5 adapters against each other earlier in 2021, my whole family was working and learning from home. đứng top speeds were unreliable because congestion kept changing. So, I focused on the signal strength và the tốc độ loss when moving the laptop quickly from one location khổng lồ another.

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When I tested the D-Link Wi-Fi 6 adapter more recently, I could vày so in a more controlled environment. As such, I was able khổng lồ compare speeds between that adapter, the TP-Link Archer T9UH, và the TP-Link Archer T4U Plus. Those results are in the full D-Link DWA-X1850 review.

In terms of pure signal improvement, the more expensive adapters with better specs performed better. The below chart shows how each Wi-Fi 5 adapter affected pure 5GHz signal strength on my laptop, averaged over the four locations I tested it.


The Archer T9UH, an AC1900 dongle, had the best overall speed performance of any of the adapters I tested, making my trang chủ office wall seem nearly transparent to signal. The T9UH is 0.5 inch thick và 3.5 inches long when closed; it flips mở cửa to a height of about 6 inches. You can plug it directly into your máy vi tính or use an included USB 3.0 cradle. The dongle has a small xanh LED khổng lồ show it"s working.

And work it does. Over my 5GHz 802.11ac network, I saw an average signal improvement of 11dB at my four locations, as well as the lowest overall tốc độ loss. At one point, I was getting a higher tốc độ in my office than right next khổng lồ the router, which was probably because of how other people in the house were using the internet. Still, this performance shows that the T9UH can really reach through the wall. The dongle didn"t vì well with my router"s 2.4GHz network and refused khổng lồ connect lớn that network from farther than a few feet away, but you shouldn"t be using a 2.4GHz network with an adapter like this. It"s really for boosting 5GHz signal and does that very impressively. The T9UH is our Editors" Choice winner out of the adapters we tested.